Leave, Kindle publishing

So the first step in what seems like an endless mountain of steps at this stage, was to sign up to Kindle publishing with Amazon.  I uploaded my novelette ‘Leave’ after several hours of editing.  I even dug out an old lino-print I had done of a riot-   scan cover0001policeman from the Northern Irish Troubles, a picture I made at university, as the cover image.

The process on Kindle is pretty quick and easy, apart from some small print on the issue of US tax charges (I wonder if amazon studies the same small print) which gave me a headache.  For those in the know, I chose the 70% royalties option which means I am liable for download costs.  There is no initial charges, and you can add it to the lending scheme and get a percent of the total earnings based on how many downloads are made.  This is a total experiment for me.

Leave is a 10,000 word novelette, which I think is a lovely length.  an afternoons read with a scone and a cup of tea.  It tells the story of a soldier in the last few days of his tour with the British Army in East Tyrone and it is based on true events.  Lots of research and a visit to Northern Ireland made it a great story to write, an enjoyable and interesting tale to tell.  I love stories heavy with research both as a writer and a reader, I love to learn something.

Check out my story if you’re able, its not a long read, it costs about £1.85, or free if you have Amazon Prime.  And any advice about this kind of publishing is also welcome.


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  1. Greetings from the professor! So how’s it going?


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