Published on Kindle – The Collapse

Okay, so the jury may not be in on whether I love Kindle publishing (it sure is easy to use) but I always live in fear of only half-trying something and then writing it off prematurely.  Therefore I uploaded another novelette to Kindle to sell on Amazon; The Collapse.  The story is the result of lots (and lots) of research about the mining community I actually live in, and although not mentioned it is rooted in true events in my local area.  There is a big swathe of old mining towns and villages across the north of England and The Collapse tells the story of a shared culture and past that kids today don’t know about, learn about or ever get to hear of.cover22

In the book Emily has married young, and been saved from destitution in the bargain, but her miner-husband is a hard unfeeling man brutalized by his time underground.  The Collapse was released as a podcast two or three years ago in the US but here it is as a Kindle book.  

It sure feels nice to upload things to Kindle, although they might not be flying off the shelves, and might not be making me rich, worldwide exposure (potentially) feels quite exciting.

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