Create Something!

Just saw this online, sure its not new to anyone, but it is resonating with me right now as I kick-start my art and writing again between now and Christmas. beautiful

I wanted to credit the website I saw it on (although I don’t know if this is where it originates from).  After finishing university and getting the grade I wanted I kind of put art and writing aside as I’m sure many graduates do, to face the real world.  But when you see something like this, you think there’s a reason to create beyond being told to for a course or project.  There is the idea that something, even just one thing can be contributed to the human experience or the canon of culture and beauty, and that your contribution can outlive you.  I’m working my notice period currently at work in the hope I can at least spend some time (who knows how long) not working after Christmas, and creating instead.  I’ve already started to doubt the chances of generating income through art and writing, even though it’s early days.  The point – i need to remember – is to try.  Furthermore, it is to (just) create. 


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