So like many people I’ve been searching for a job for years.  Something to justify my education and utilize my skills.  But I have got nowhere, and the experience is isolating and demotivating.  Hundreds of applications filled out, almost zero replies, but, lets not get bogged down with that.  Who needs a new job just so they can resign? not me anyway.  I’m going to live the dream, all those sketch pads, all those poems and stories.  The unpublished novels, the handmade journals, even the refurbished vintage cameras and shabby chic bedroom furniture, all those things I do for free, and for fun – well.  They’re going to get the chance to shine.


A bit about me, 34, male and single, my heroes are Charlie Chaplin, Vincent Van Gogh, Bruce Parry and Russell Brand, I’m a feminist, humanist, liberal, atheist, and as of Wednesday this week – writer and artist.


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